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This is why we do what we do!

Take a moment to explore what our students and clients have to say about us and the learning environment at G-Guides Academy. We want to share with you all of the inspirational and groundbreaking stories that come out of the transformational learning and consulting process so you can imagine how it is before your join us.

Our students about us: Testimonials

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and learned a lot. I love my job as tourist guide and was always a bit scared of technology, virtual and all that. Maja and Tina changed this. Their course was also my first live online learning experience and I was amazed how interactive it was and how easy. I'm missing seeing my fellow students, but I'm sure we will keep in touch … virtually.

Viola Lewis, Head of training at WFTGA

Virtual tour guide course

Anyhow this was my dream coming slowly thru – yes, but I didn´t do nothing for this – yet. With your consulting I’ve got a big inspiration how to create, promote and sell my tours.

Martin, Kabriotours, Slovakia

Virtual tour guide course

Thank you so much for this wonderful, inspirational course, giving me a lot to think about how to plan B, C, and D during this depressing time. I feel a lot better as you showed me a possible way out of this nightmare.

Miki, Japan, Scotland

Virtual tour guide course

This was in depth professional course about cultural differences and how to overcome them. The content really inspired me to explore more and learn more. Overall, it is useful for everybody, since we all live in interconnected and intercultural world. Now I understand why people behave like they do and how I can communicate with them to get the message across cultures.

Barbara, Slovenia

Intercultural communication

This was a very intense course that made me understand sustainability beyond planting trees and environment protection. Eye opening and empowering to know, what I can do to accelerate sustainability and contribute to responsible tourism and SDGs.

Linda, Belgium

Sustainability course

I loved this course, because it was an eye opener not only for guiding my tours, but also knowledge for everyday life. I feel so much more comfortable approaching people with different abilities. Thank you.

Ana, Slovenia

Accessibility in tour guiding

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