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6 fun facts about G-Guides Academy

It is always fun to take a look behind the scene. So we would like to share some fun facts with you, so you know that we are real people with real troubles :)

1. We started working on G-Guides Academy, when we were both full time working in 2 different countries, that were not our home countries.

2. We launched G-Guides Academy virtual learning environment when 1 founder and trainer had no access to internet. Thanks for the hotspot.

3. The idea of having a training for certified virtual guide was born, because Tina always wanted to guide virtual tours.

4. We started Green Microphone Award only because we thought it was not fair, that there is no award for sustainability in tour guiding.

5. The Code of conduct for responsibility in tour guiding aligned with SDGs was written because Maja needed a topic for her MSc in sustainable tourism.

6. The idea of having a school for tour guides at first place was born, because we think:

- firstly, that tour guides need better and up to date education

- secondly, because we think that tourists deserve a better service

- thirdly, because we are convinced, that education should be accessible to anybody anywhere

#ChallengeConnectChange #ConnectingWorlds #GGuides

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