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G-Guides interviewed by German community of tour guides

Creating meaningful connections with tour guides around the world is one of the main purposes of G-Guides Academy and its thriving international community of tour guides.

In these turbulent times, it shows how important and valuable it is to be strongly connected and to be able to share knowledge, ideas and case studies that show us the way forward.

This is how we were asked by community of Berlin tour guides to share our perspective on current situation in tourism industry as well as on short and long term outlook for the evolution of profession of tourist guides.

What is currently keeping us busy and awake at night is how we can most efficiently and as soon as possible be helping as many as possible tour guides around the world creating an income, keeping their livelihoods and keep on creating cultural immersion experiences for explorers of the world.

So we were happy to share our perspective on the possible way forward for tourist guides with virtual tourism being the only way of tourism that currently exist and possibly be the tourism form of the future.

You are welcome to listen to the interview made by Asaf Leshem from Cycling Berlin Brandenburg.

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