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10 tips to make the most of your study time

1. BE CLEAR ABOUT WHY YOU STUDY ANYWAY - this will give you the motivation. If you need, write this down, so you can remember your motivation in the moments when it gets hard.

2. PREPARE FOR THE LESSONS IN ADVANCE - if you know what the lesson will be all about, it will be much easier for you to follow.

3. FOLLOW THE LESSONS ACTIVELY - focus on learning aims and objectives and try to make sense of it all already during the lesson.

4. ASK QUESTIONS DURING YOUR TIME WITH A TEACHER AND TRAINER - if there is something that is not clear to you, ask questions. Than you can move on, otherwise it will take too much precious time to figure out what teacher can answer in 1 minute.

5. DO CONNECT WITH YOUR PEERS - your peers are extremely valuable source of information when it comes to the learning process. If you have a good network, nothing will be missed for you, because they will tell you.

6. ORGANIZE MATERIAL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AFTER THE LESSON - after the lesson you still remember what was it all about and you can add some extra notes, because you still know what abbreviations you used.

7. READ THE MATERIAL FROM THE LESSON THE SAME DAY - the sooner you repeat the content, the higher the chances that you will remember it when you will need to study for exams. You don't need to study all the materials the same day, just read it.

8. ORGANIZE YOUR WORKING ENVIRONMENT - before you start with your hard work, organize your environment, so you will feel comfortable and you will enjoy time spent there. You will also be motivated to come back to your desk.

9. HAVE THE CLEAR OVERVIEW ABOUT WHAT YOU NEED TO STUDY - before you start with learning process for exams, make a clear map of what you need to study, where are all the materials that you need and how long it will take. This will be essential once in the middle of the learning process.

10. BE FOCUSED AND DON'T LET YOUR MIND GO THEIR OWN WAY - when you feel you cannot anymore, it is better to take a break and do something else. If you just sit at your desk, you are not studying, you are just wasting your precious time :) Go out, do something fun and it will be easier to come back later.

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