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Our contribution to sustainable development

PLANET FRIENDLY would be the term to describe our company best. We are doing our best to minimize the negative and maximize the positive impact on people, planet, plants and animals. 

Moreover, we try to contribute to responsible and sustainable development of the community where we work as well as participate and start global initiatives. We do not invest our money in eco-labels but rather in education of all our stakeholders in order to empower them with knowledge, so they can act responsibly and be 

PLANET FRIENDLY – because it is natural. 

We are DISABILITY FRIENDLY. Our services are designed to be inclusive and accessible for all. We take into consideration accessibility of services, information, communication, physical access and similar.

DISABILITY FRIENDLY – because it is natural. 

We don’t ask people with whom they share intimate moments – we rather ask them how we can change this World together to be a better place for everybody. 

Yes, we are LGBT FRIENDLY – because it is natural.

FAMILY FRIENDLY is for us a must, because we believe that people should and must have enough quality time with their beloved ones to be happy and can contribute to the community and society.  We want to give a chance to all our employees, partners and clients to be happy, loved and creative, to get enough fresh air and physical activity, to attend cultural activities and to participate in local community as well as to have enough time to create and have a family.   FAMILY FRIENDLY – because it is natural.

ENERGY CONSUMPTION FRIENDLY headquarters, which we achieve by: – not having and using AC system in our offices but rather open our windows to have some fresh air, – not having and using elevators but rather walk our way up to the third floor, – adjusting our office hours with the day light so we use less lightening, – not cooling our drinks but rather drink them at natural temperature which is better for our health… And why we do all this? Because it is natural. We love to be PET FRIENDLY company as we see the most natural thing in the World that all our employees as well as partners, customers, guests and attendees of our training can visit our headquarter office and all training rooms with their pet.   Yes, we are PET FRIENDLY – because it is natural. We support bees’ protection as we are aware that more than one third of Worlds’ food depend on bees. We don’t use chemicals that could harm the bees and we are active in supporting 20th of May – Worlds Bee day.  BE(E) FRIENDLY – because it is natural.

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