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Sustainability for tour guides by G-Guides published in Switzerland

G-Guides is working on implementing the academic criteria of sustainability in the profession of tourist guides for the last 10 years. In all possible ways, we aim to contribute to the sustainable development and responsible tourism with the help of tourist guides, who are voice of responsible tourism.

Our main purpose is to train and empower tour guides to be sustainability communicators, accelerators of local development and creators of meaningful human connections. We do believe, that in these times, this is more important than ever, so we have contributed our knowledge also to the amazing book edited by prof. Susan Slocum from George Mason University in Manassas, Virginia, USA and prof. Valeria Klitsounova from Belarusian State University, Minsk, Belarus, published by Springer Nature, Switzerland.

The book aims to provide comprehensive research-related content about the tourism development, tourism destinations marketing and image creation in the Post-Soviet nations.

G-Guides contribution is focused on redefinition of tourist guides profession during the last 30 years and the chapter 9, written by Maja Čampelj is presenting how tour guides are the best communication tool that can be used by tourism destinations, tourism boards and tour operators to support sustainable tourism development and create positive destination image.

Unlike many other private education institutions, G-Guides was happy to publish the training modules for sustainability in tourist guiding that are used for training our tour guides worldwide. Why? G-Guides training modules made public will help redefine tourism and contribute achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. In an effort to make the world a cleaner place and in an effort to fight the climate change, G-Guides has open sourced the training modules for anyone who wants to use it. We strongly believe that we are all working towards better places to live and better places to visit.

You can have a sneak peak or buy your copy here:

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