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Space the final frontier - also for tourism

In these turbulent times, when World and Earth is a very strange place and all the information that we are exposed to feels overwhelming, we were thinking of going beyond Earth, beyond our planet, to go out and about... Are you coming? We are inviting you to join us for a little trip to space, where perspectives shift, time becomes relevant, Earth seems a small dot and silence becomes music.

With these two 360 videos below you can virtually leave the Earth and travel to space. Make sure you turn around as much as you can to get the best views, see the best spots and explore the space from the comfort of your home.

But can we soon go and explore space? Can space tourism be here sooner than we think? Virgin Galactic making some serious attempts towards space tourism becoming a new wave in tourism was not alone. Blue Origin by Jeff Bezos is thinking in the same direction and so is Elon Musk with SpaceX. Those are some pretty big names out there with some pretty big funds invested in space tourism. And if they have one thing in common, they are all achievers and they do get things done. They follow the thinking of Nelson Mandela: it is impossible until it is done.

So think possible and explore the space, you might soon be organizing guiding or booking trips to Space.

And if you need another proof that travel industry is already thinking space tourism and that it is the future for the industry, read this: Lonely Planet published travel guide The Universe at the end of 2019.

And here at G-Guides Academy we are supporting and preparing our tour guides for this new trend with the World's first comprehensive online training for Space tour guides, starting in September 2020. The course is preparing guides to be able to create amazing, transformative and life changing experience for guests traveling to space and questioning G-force. Ever wondered why we are G-Guides? Here it is, we challenge G-force and set the space as the final frontier :)

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