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In 70+ countries worldwide we have virtual tour guides certified by G-Guides Academy

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Online live course to become certified virtual tour guide is running for the 45th week in a row and so far, tour guides from 70+ countries and more than 150 different destinations decided to say yes to the future of travel and tourism industry and attended the course.

We are well aware how big of an impact the current situation has on the profession of tourist guides worldwide. This is why G-Guides Academy formed online live course to become a certified virtual tour guide, where tour guides worldwide can learn new skills that they need when they want to conduct the tours virtually and reach a big audience of tourists, who cannot travel, but still want to hear great stories from around the world.

We are are happy and proud that the course was endorsed by World Federation of tourist guides associations (WFTGA) that is also official partner of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and affiliate member of United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

After the 5 day course, they have a set of skills, that they can use immediately and start guiding online. The course starts every Monday and runs for 5 consecutive days until Friday.

This transformational learning experience is empowering tour guides to be able to keep their livelihoods, to keep creating meaningful connections with travelers around the world and to keep supporting local economy with their work.

We are very happy and proud to be able to already see our certified virtual tour guides conducting their tours and using the knowledge in practice. Some of them decided to guide the tours in virtual museums and art galleries, some of them we see guiding in nature and some of them showing their town through video or live streamed city tours. We can also listen to inspiring culture talks that they are creating to share their heritage and share their knowledge.

The most valuable part of the learning experience is that also after the course, participants are part of the strong, vibrant, international community of tour guides, who are not quitters and they want to keep on guiding despite the fact that people are no longer travel at this moment in time. Staying connected with the forward thinking tour guides from around the globe through different activities organized by G-Guides Academy is helping tour guides support each other and is helping tourism move forward.

Please read more about it and register for our next course here.

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