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We have the first certified virtual tour guides

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

With 7 tour guides from 6 different countries we have finished the first live online course for certified virtual tour guides.

It has been an intense week ful of learning and discovery. Transformative learning experience throughout the course offered us a great chance to explore art and culture of the world in virtual world. And we were brainstorming, exploring and sharing ideas how we as tour guides can add a value and offer virtual guided tours all over the world.

Being part of virtual experience economy virtual tour guides are on the mission to preserve their main role of being cultural brokers and experiences creators. With storytelling techniques adjusted for narrative in virtual world, virtual tour guides are now ready to guide transformative experiences for intrepid explorers of the world.

With maximising positive and minimising negative impacts of tourism virtual tourism supports sustainable development and responsible tourism. Not overcrowding the popular places, zero emissions from flying but still supporting local economy, preserving cultural and natural heritage are just some od the benefits of virtual tours that our virtual tour guides are going to create and help us all achieve UN SDGs by 2030.

Read more about and register for our next course here.

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